Buying Down Risk with Preparedness and Mitigation

Utilization of Volunteers for Large Scale Responses

VOLUNTEER UTILIZATION SERIES - CAPABILITY VIEWPOINT-9: UTILIZATION OF VOLUNTEERS SUCH AS CERT AS STATE & LOCAL EXPANSION CADRE OF ESSENTIAL PUBLIC & PRIVATE SERVICES, SEARCH & RESCUE, MEDICAL TREATMENT AND MASS CARE RESPONSES - PURPOSE: This is part of a series of posts examining various ways volunteers such as CERT have been utilized in the past. The Volunteer Utilization Series posts were preliminarily categorized such that resilience stakeholders with select viewpoints may begin to consider how they could utilize volunteers like CERT as part of an expansion cadre per disaster-category, moving forward. This series is in support of the National Preparedness Goal “Whole Community” approach, and the identified Core Capability “Operational Coordination” which requires communities to establish and maintain a unified and coordinated operational structure and process that appropriately integrates all critical stakeholders and supports the execution of all other core capabilities. - See this URL for further details: - Additional details will be in the comments below...



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