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Virtual Instructor Led Training and EMI VTTX on Tech Hazards

The multiple hurricanes and natural disasters of 2017 illustrated severe cascading effects from tech hazards impacted by natural disasters, and by failures of major critical infrastructure. In order to better support state and local emergency managers (as well as FEMA IMAT/LNO personnel) I would suggest the development of a Virtual Instructor Led course or series of EMI or CDP courses on natural disaster impacts to technological hazards, as well as on points of contacts and online resources that may be used to rapidly locate hazardous or critical infrastructure (public and private) in a zone recently or about to be impacted by natural hazards. As an example of the concept, the DHS Office of Bombing Prevention hosts a serious of Virtual Instructor Led courses available at . Virtual Instructor Led Training provides the advantages of a qualified instructor who can answer questions and facilitate class discussion, but also facilitates maximum participation by stakeholders who may not be able to travel for training.


Additionally, in their 2017 State preparedness report, one State drew heavily on the recovery portion of a tech hazards based exercise to assess their preparedness in infrequently exercised core capabilities such as economic recovery and housing. EMI already hosts the Virtual Tabletop Exercise Series, and greater inclusion of scenarios regarding long term recovery from technological hazards (relocation, cleanup, economic recovery) may be a low cost way for States/Municipalities to facilitate exercise of all phases of emergency management.



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