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We can contain ebola

We Americans can contain Ebola; after all, we were the first in flight, developed the vaccine, put a man on the moon, and developed the Internet, when we all work together!

One idea can build upon another and more ideas can build on these two new concepts and on and on it goes. Just like how we Americans developed inventions as listed, we can stop this deadly disease. Fortunately we have this Internet where we can share and build upon ideas.

Just to get the conversation started, the following are ideas for policy makers to consider. Most people have cell phones, ATM and credit cards. Can we trace using cell phone GPS, ATM and credit card databases of where people have been? Then contact all the people who were near the one infected at the time he was at, using cell phones tower transponders locations, ATM cards and credit card databases. For small kids, use the parents' cell phones location, school enrollment records and hospital databases to locate this younger crowd.

As for aviation, instead of monitoring people once they have flown into the United States; use the disease containment protocol before they get on the plane to fly to the U.S. If it takes a few days for the disease to become transferable, they must wait out this time at the international temporary hospitals located at these airports. Then if cleared, they may board the plane bound to the U.S.

These are just 2 ideas, and perhaps these thoughts will make you think to add to these concepts. So please, created a national report for us Americans to develop such a plan to stop this thing called Ebola.



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