Mitigation Framework: Guiding Principles

Wide Area Rapid Notification

I think our question on the conference call today was either not clearly stated on our behalf or misunderstood by members on the call;


We POSSESS technology NOW that can broadcast an EMS message to millions of people simultaneously from one source or a number of sources REGARDLESS of whether anyone has a working TV, radio, cell phone or not.


There is much discussion about gathering information and likewise how to communicate that information to the people. There are many pathways for sending information and only ONE can blanket the American people before, during, and after a catastrophe - loudspeakers... however typical loudspeaker technology is not capable or intelligible enough to warrant affordable implementation. Until now...


We have new transducer technology with intelligibility measured in miles not in meters or feet. One device NOW (let alone five years from now as this scale-able technology is advanced) can broadcast an astoundingly intelligible EAS message to everybody that has a pair of ears in over a 25 square mile area!


Working together with national, state, and, local contractors we can implement this system rapidly and for the first time in World history have a truly "All of Nation" EAS.



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