Building and Sustaining Preparedness: A National Campaign

highlands promise 20 yr plan

from my understanding the habitat for humanity was started so that victoms of a catostropic events could rebuild their own communities from with in so that the money from government funding could recirculate in the disaster the economy could recover along with the structures that were destroyed The stafford act is the law that also was designed to keep the funding in the zones that are affected..this was not the case after Katrina. Highlands promise is i feel from god through me it as a vision will do all that is nessasary to repair all things that take place that happen due to poor planning one not knowing the ansers to all the worries of future victoms and also the people that leave their homes to come help with the recovery. It will also prevent fema from spending billions on just temparary housing. STAGE 1 Run a nationwide add Fema now hiring Exp. builders and craftmen that are willing to travel and also share their knowledge with others...we then run add for computer specialist [ geeks ] we then pair the 2 together their titles will be Disaster Zone specialist Their duties will be starting at the coast to go door to door blueprinting every home to be sure it has been properly built with proper building codes and with current computer programs we will be able to determine exactly what materials it would take to rebuild the home exactly as it is.They also check to see if the family has all the proper insurance and that they are aware of what to expect and also ask them what they would care to do in the rebuild carpentry,electrical, roofing



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