Building and Sustaining Preparedness: A National Campaign

highlands promise stage 1 prt 2

each family will now have knowledge to give them some peace of mind in them knowing what to expect they will also be able to go online and view a three deminsionial walk through of their homes so they can make changes to make their homes more efficient green if u will [our zone organizers can also teach the family the how to assist in the aftermath with building skills {{Jimmy Carter built 100 homes in a week }} Stage 2 focusing on the phycologicial effects of the children before and after a catostropic event. step 1 we pair the kindergarden class with the senior the 11th with the 1st the 10th with the 2nd the 9th with the 3rd and so on so each has a partner with a old and young we then have a fire drill in school when the younger child waits in the hall the older comes to them then they board a bus and travel with police escort to to nearest highest elevated spot of land where they will arrive to discover a 100% relocatable compound more or less a space station on earth this is strictly an educational complex that has simulated storms wind tunnels and also satelite feeds that connect them back to their classrooms also all of the latest and coolest inventions ask them what they would do to evacuate to make things better and also have the youngest come up with an idea and the older child make it happen this is only a small part of the promise but we spend billions on census just to know what color or race americans are this is why it is a 20 yr plan we have to motivate americans to evacuate



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