Strategic Foresight Initiative

prevention of chaos at gas pumps in the event of power outage

In a recent power grid failure that affected Ohio and W. Virginia, I noticed long lines of cars at a gas station in Coolville, OH. The only station for miles that could pump gas because they had a back-up generator.

Why can't we have gas stations at strategic locations in our communities that are equipped to handle these situations similarly. They should be located to minimize major traffic problems through long lines at the pumps. Some form of incentive should be provided to the gas station owners although the fact that they would still be in business might be enough. Only those stations so equipped would need to be refueled. Each community would be responsible for finding the number and best locations for these service stations in the event of an emergency.

At Coolville, a state trooper was directing traffic at the crossroads on Hwy 50. Cars were backed up for miles.


Harold A. Smith



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