Building and Sustaining Preparedness: A National Campaign

temporary housing

The fact that there does not appear to be a rapid response to be able to provide temporary housing in disaster areas where people have lost their homes is not acceptable. We know these disasters are going to continue to happen, and in many cases there is ample warning time to prepare. We should think about how the armed forces must move and adapt quickly to changing conditions and events, and then applied that to natural disasters. The armed services have temporary tents/housing with generators and therefore heat & lights, which are airlifted or dropped to military groups quickly and in all types of locations. If these insulated tents with heating were created and ready for deployment to disaster areas, they could be dropped immediately after the disaster occurs. These would not have to be replacement homes for people to reside, just a warm place for them to be able to sleep. These could be easily deployed for a disaster, then crated back up once semi-permanent housing is repaired/developed. These could then be stored ready for reuse at the next disaster, which we know will occur. While it would take initial funds, the money used for apartment vouchers could be used to manufacture these, and they would then be reused over and over. The lifecycle costing of this would be extremely beneficial. In addition, there would be jobs created manufacturing these tents, which would have an economic benefit also.



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