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Rail Safe-Harbor

Base-sites in local communities (e.g. Inexpensive warehouse design approximately the size of a Walgreens or CVS up to Wal-Mart size) that are multi-use, dual powerd by grid or a train engine and spread across the National Rail system to house, treat and/or evacuate populace on a temporary short term basis for a few days before, during or after a disaster event. FEMA heavy resources respond to each location within 6 hours via freight rail utilizing pre-positioned stock less than 300 track miles away, thus permitting directed heavy equipment and personnel to swiftly insert anywhere across the entire lower continental U.S. (lower 48). Use of rail insertion retains controlled flexible and scalable characteristics while avoiding conflict with evacuating traffic on the local highway network. No local on site storage of large scale FEMA emergency supplies/expertise is required. Non-emergency use can be rack warehousing that can be empited by fork lift in under six hours. This space can be leased or rented out for civilian use most of the time.

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