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Early Warning Severe Weather System

I have an idea that would save thousands of lives yearly across America. I have spoken to people at the NOAA, left messages to so many people on my solution for weather disaster and have gotten absolutely nowhere. I have the missing link to Severe Weather Early Warning System, and NO ONE will give me the time of day to hear it out. It will alert people while sleeping that a Tornado or similar is headed their way. They could be out in their yards, shopping, at work, sleeping, anywhere in ear shot of a building. It would give all Americans ample time to run for shelter. It would prevent many disasters, yet, no replies from anyone. This is a multiple system utilizing the NWS main frame computer and individual units in peoples homes and buildings. It would be a smoke detector type unit with a Tornado design to id it with a computer chip linked to the NWS computer. When people buy them they register the unique model number assigned to their building or home to the operator and their unit is assigned a zone. When zone Q is going to be involved the alarms in zone Q will be set off awaking sleeping people, alerting working people, shoppers, people in their yards or ear shot of the units and they have ample time to run for cover. Will I get a response from you? Anyone?



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