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Uninterruptible Communities

I've mentioned this idea at previous forums, but I'll make it "official" here.


One of the biggest headaches for a family or community is an extended power outage. We all know that once you lose power, you realize how many life essentials rely on power. We've also seen how the community can be seriously impacted by an extended power outage.


My suggestion is to consider providing grants for PUD's to provide backup power for their development, especially those that have shared buildings like a clubhouse. Not for the fuel or maintenance necessarily, but to procure the generator and installation, which can be over $5000.


I lived in a PUD with 120 houses/families. We had several extended power outages and while I had a portable generator, all I kept thinking was how much easier it would have been for all those families and the utility companies if our clubhouse had a generator. Everyone could have gone to the clubhouse for heat or AC, refridgerating meds, recharge/refresh, etc. This can also be done for apartment units. However, it's not an expense most associations can afford, so they probably won't implement it without help.


From an emergency mgmt perspective, it would make it much easier to prioritize response and restoration if EM knew sections of the community were powered up.


I'd be happy to discuss further.


Bob Connors



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