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Preparedness in schools

Incorporating preparedness within the context of the curriculum permits exposure to the topic but does not necessarily require extra time to present the topic. For an example: In English class students would be assigned to prepare an essay with a topic that relates to various types of preparedness. The same may extend to history class where specific instances in history may have been impacted by better preparedness on the part of those affected. Social studies could look at a recent disaster and indicate how various levels of preparedness may have averted or mitigated the impact on those affected.


Many wears ago we began incorporating fire and burn safety information into the context of the curriculum in local schools and observed a gradual increase in awareness relative to several aspects of topics.


A meeting needs to be scheduled with school officials and teachers to suggest how specific information may be incorporated into the curriculum to provide appropriate seasonally focused preparedness information. Emphasis is placed on how the information can assist the school, the students and their families in being ready to address the issues related to any disaster that might befall that community.


Be prepared with suggested material and local resources that may help teachers incorporate important information into the daily curriculum



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