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Be Prepared : Learning For Life

Within the Boy Scouts of America is a little known professional branch, in which organizations, and businesses, as well as Government entities can sponsor youth to learn their programs.


The Explorer Program.


This is similar to an unpaid internship for youth between 14 to 21, co-ed, and it is run by the Charter Organization (business, corporation, Police Department, Fire Department, ROTC, any Government entity) through their policies, procedures, and protocols and in tandem with the guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America.


With a more hand-on approach by the Chartered Organization, and a more hands-off by the B.S.A.




There are 12 different branches available.


8 of those branches deal specifically with areas that F.E.M.A. has as related topics.


I am writing this with no endorsement from the Boy Scouts of America, nor any from the Learning For Life program (Explorer's run on LFL program), but as a prior youth under the Police Explorer program.


Today I am an adult leader with the Boy Scouts of America as a volunteer.


I believe the Explorer Program can help America to "Be Prepared" in a professional manner, when our citizens need it most, through disaster preparedness.



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