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We all live in a target rich nation with somewhat frequent natural disasters, and we have limited resources to prepare to deal with the resulting man-made or natural emergencies. In addition, we have added problems related to nepotism, political conflict, corrupt special interests, policy battles between our often extreme right and left viewpoints, and shortages of qualified/ skilled leaders.


With 1,383 current members of this forum, 10 participants have contributed 171 of 300 ideas while voting 1,962 times (out of 5,529 total votes). We need many more participants, and active participants with good ideas are a critical must have. I suggest that FEMA invite students from several hundred emergency management schools to participate in this forum. To achieve effective preparedness, fresh ideas and many more suggested solutions to known problems are required.


I am somewhat embarrassed by my 55 ideas posted.

However, with over five decades of emergency management and disaster recovery experience, worldwide, I have several ideas on how to possibly solve the many needs and problems I have identified over the years. My objective is not to score points, but to help find solutions.


Your inputs are needed in helping to make participants of this forum more active, and more willing to present their own ideas. As more participants join, you can be the models for helping FEMA become more effective in accomplishing its mission.



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