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Get 72 Hour Emergency Kits in 4 Parts: Part 1

After 5 decades of using 72 Hour Kits during assorted emergencies, worldwide, I know that available lists of kit items are often incomplete and poorly organized. Thus, I am presenting a kit list in 4 parts with a suggestion that each part should be acquired every 3 months, so you have your complete kit within a year. Start with a backpack and rain cover for your backpack, and add these items by category ... each in their own container (w/ category labels). Your first 4 parts are:


1) Health Related Items: First Aid Kit, personal medications, sanitary items, extra pair of glasses (as needed), New-Skin (for blisters), a small dust mask, and potassium iodide (for nuclear disasters).


2) Communications Related items: Cell phone, 3-power option AM, FM, SW, NOAA Weather Radio (powered by battaries, solar, and/or hand-crank generator ...w/ connection to also charge cell phones). Signal mirror, whistle, and hand-held flare.


3) Light Options: 2-power flashlight/ lantern (powered by batteries and/or hand-crank generator).


4) Fire Starter: Metal match & fire starter mix, and/or matches in a waterproof container.


72 Hour Emergency Kit parts 2, 3, and 4 to follow in additional postings (there is insufficient space to post all at one time). You may add or subtract items to meet local or personal needs.



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