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I feel Fema's Think Tank is a great start to sharing national ideas that can rusult in connecting the dots between the numerous ideas around the nation. Last year I attended the Getting Real II conference in Washington D C. The theme was The Whole Community. The new term (AFN) Access and Functional needs surfaced. When returning to my west coast region and putting the new term out there, it was not reconized. If we are in fact going to move forword in a timly fashion we somehow need to make sure the general population are aware of what we are talking about. We in the southren region of the west coast worked with 211 to keep it simple and change the AFN link on there home page to simply Disaster Information. After all the subject is disasters. Then when the link Disaster Informion is clicked on the home page it takes you to AFN resources and explains AFN. Everyone in the whole community knows the word disaster. We need a outlet to get out the latest terms in any given arena. If the leaders of Federal, State and Local governments are going to be effective we need good communication skills and education that the whole community can understand. So lets make it simple. I dont think we need to re write history or change well identified terms. The whole world identifies with the word disaster.



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