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Affordable and sustainable housing

I've presented a rough outline of an idea that would provide affordable and sustainable housing for disaster survivors base on highly modified cargo containers that would be designed to snap together into a solar powered, water furnace heated, internet ready alternative to FEMA Housing Units. The individual pieces would be bolted together like Lego blocks. The end result would look like an ordinary apartment building which the community could keep or it could be dismantled for future use.

These units could also be places on barges and provide a floating complex for a disaster on the coast or on our large rivers where 80% of our citizens live within 30 miles.

Once the recovery is on the way the units could be sold to local concerns and run as section 8 housing, with lower utility bills, a smaller foot print than FEMA Housing Units and a more attractive alternative as well. If no local concern whats to purchase them we pack them up and wait for the next event to occur.

Google "cargo container apartments" to get an idea of what can be done.



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