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disaster assistance

In order to better service and help those financially on a diaster area, issue prepaid cards that are tracked electronically & you know that the products and services are being used correctly; for example, purchase food, clothing, toiletries, gas for automobile, no alcoholics or tabacco purchases, only necessary things. Provide onsite counseling for those that have suffered or lost loved ones; Limit only vehicles on highways during a disaster, no boats. Allow more evac time for the elderly and residents. Provide food, water, blankets for those on bus, and trains or at least allow them to bring their own. At least 1 medic or doctor on bus or train. more assistance from national guard with transportation. Make it federally manidated that city official are more involved with assisting its residents financially during evacuations. Provide residents with (2) $50 gas cards accepted anywhere to be used during evac.issued by military personnel, must have signature of driver. Try and see if any of ideas are workable. I think its very possible that these things can be done to save a lot of lives.



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