Disaster Kits and Other Basic Steps

Be Ready In A Flash - Create a Survival Flash Drive



If there were a fire, flood, or other disaster that destroyed your home, where would your important documents such as birth certificate, passport, deed, licenses, permits, etc be? Protect yourself by scanning all your important documents and storing them on a Survival Flash Drive.


The Internet, Fire-Proof Safe, Safe-Deposit, your PC may not be available after a disaster. You can send an encrypted flash drive to a relative, keep one at work, keep one in your car. Only you can get to the data.


• Purchase a USB Flash Drive (also called memory sticks or thumb drives due to their small size)

• Use a permanent marker, sticker, or label to put the word "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) on it

• Scan your important documents using a scanner, and store the files on the Survival Flash Drive



All Government Issued IDs, Licenses, Permits, and Certifications for Each Family Member

•Driver’s License / ID


•Veteran/Discharge Papers

•Birth Certificate

•Marriage Certificate

•Work Permits / Licenses

•Social Security Card

•Immigration Papers

•Bank Accounts

•Credit Card Accounts


•Vaccination Records


•Power of Attorney

•Divorce / Custody Papers

•Restraining Orders

•Medical Records

•Health Plan Information

•Insurance (Home/Auto)

•Advance Directives

•Real Estate / Mortgage

•Business Records

•Rental Agreement

•Current Photos of Each Family Member and Pet

•Important Family Pictures

•Emergency Contact List with Addresses + Phone Numbers



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