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Healthcare and Public Health Solutions to Existing Problems

I have an idea for managing healthcare and public health. It's a human resource management idea. Here's what I think. FEMA should make an inventory of all public health employees and assign to each a set of responsibilities which would match the needs in public health emergencies, with healthcare workers' expertise. For instance, depending on the severity of a healthcare situation, it need not be dispatched to a doctor directly, if a nurse or doctor's assistant can handle it. Then the doctors and nurses could teach and train more people to be able to handle minor emergencies and low severity cases in health. Only the serious cases like with children, elderly, pregnant women or seriously ill individuals should go to doctors directly. In other words, have a good filtering system that would be effective. Furthermore, better diagnostic techniques which could be documented and used by nurses, nurses' aides, doctor assistants, as a manual for reference or online aid could be very practical. -Proposed by: June R Massoud, Computer Engineer



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