Emergency Management, Healthcare and Public Health

Emergency Healthcare and Public Health - Prevention

Focussing on preventative care and prevention of debilitating diseases by having citizens make a concerted effort to take care of their physical and mental health. Promotional programs for the elderly, at-risk youth, children, single mothers, pregnant women, the poor, drug addicts, alcohol addicts, obese people, cancer and aids victims, which could be done through television in a very step-by-step simplified manner, and reinforced in a positive and easy way. Assuring that people do not end up isolated and by themselves by encouraging community organizations to create therapy groups run by volunteers who are qualified, as well as alternatives for the elderly.

I have an idea for the elderly to have telephones with large screens whereby information could be dispatched to them without them using a computer, in other words, from a preventative health provider using text data to a phone system with a large touch sensitive screen and that could be stored let us say at a maximum of 1000 pages of data and then backed up. They started having a system like this in France back in 1990 when I visited Paris I saw it and thought it was very interesting, but it was more for the general public with all kinds of information about the city in question. My idea's a little different. -Proposed by: June R Massoud, Computer Engineer



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