The Whole Community: Planning for the Unthinkable

Unity in the CommUNITY through Preparedness!

Since so many of us go to Church, it seems like the perfect place to begin. Congregations can access their members to see who has or can train and teach preparedness for their communities. I believe that all condensed housing areas, ( apartments, condos, gated communities and etc.) can have training and even store supplies that are accessible to their areas also. I am willing and able to work with others in planning and implementing this concept. This has been an ideas that I have held on to for over 10 years. I have posted on social networks emergency info and a pleas for all to learn CPR, store supplies for various emergencies and to know who the trained people are in their complexes and utilize club houses and etc. for training sessions for residents and also for storage of supplies for emergencies. This is very do-able with focused effort to organize, plan and implement with the assistance of people who want to save many lives on many levels with everyone participating and benefiting. This practice would greatly impact preparedness from the grassroots in Urban areas where little is know about this subject, to the hilltops. This is very simply stated here but can/should include all training and info about all types of disasters also, so that people in the area know some place close to go to find help when they need it, and can learn how to help themselves and others. At the same time it would help to build unity in the community.The only limits would be based on creativity and how comprehensive those involved chose.

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