Role of Faith-based and Community Organizations in Advancing the Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management

Backup Communications are Vital part of Emergency Preparedness

Neighborhood CERT graduates have acquired an Amateur Radio license and purchased handheld radios. Training and exercise programs presented by the volunteer CERT Radio program emphasize sustainability, self-reliance, and, through use of an international standard protocol, cooperation in a large group. Radio networking among neighbors who live in and are familiar with the affected areas are thus able to maintain effective, redundant voice communications in a disaster in the absence of utility power and/or loss of telephone or cellular service.


Familiar use of email and texting is sustained, even with loss of local carrier service through the volunteer CERT Digital local high-speed local radio network. Ad-hoc wireless extensions can be set up as needed to extend a larger radio backbone. As an example, regular smartphones can used by a Medical Reserve Volunteer group in a temporary triage or field hospital to establish redundant, secure communications to an operations center and/or hospital and clinic facilities.



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