The Whole Community: Planning for the Unthinkable

Volunteers in Public Safety Support

Combining guidelines established under the Volunteers in Policing and Explorer Scouting, the Columbus Urban Area developed the Public Safety Support Citizens Academy/VIPS program. The program emphasizes Homeland Security in the certified curriculum.

The program is two pronged – one for adults who have graduated from a recognized Citizen Police/Fire Academy (local, county, state or federal) and one for youth who are interested in homeland security thru the Explorer's program.


Prerequisites include NIMS courses prior to enrollment. The eight week program covers topics taught by subject matter experts and cover topics such as disaster preparedness, terrorism prevention and awareness, CBRNE indicators, first aid, CPR, traffic control, inter-operational communications, fire safety, and light search and rescue operations.


Completion of the training will prepare participants to provide support to pblic safety forces during disasters as well as volunteer opportunities during special and routine events.



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