Motivating People to Prepare

Tips for Creating a County Wide Group

We have a highly active 400+ member prepper group in Marshall County, Alabama. Started in April 2012.


We seem to have found a good formula for involving and educating our county residents. It starts with a dedicated core group of leaders and uses a "value added" website with a huge preparedness library for members... over 1000 pages.


We also hold free seminar and workshops every 2 to 3 weeks and send out informative Newsletters that we encourage members to share with friends and families to motivate them to join.


We have cultivated contacts with the 4 newspapers in our county and they have printed numerous articles about our group, we also had local TV news coverage recently.


The key to this has been to run our volunteer group like a business and use advertizing and marketing concepts.


For people to use our online library they must first join the group. We ask for minimal contact information -Name - Town - Email Address. We keep in touch with our members through group emails.


We are currently helping groups in three surrounding counties to establish their County Groups.


We are non-political and do not engage in "conspiricy" theorys that put off alot of people. We stress family and neighborhood prepparedness that is reasonable, practical and pragmatic.


The largest challenge is to control your "brand" so as not to be seen as nuts, flakes & survialists with bunker mentalities.


We would like to help others create stable groups in their counties. We are willing to share all our web content with serious groups.


Contact us at www.MarshallPreppers.Com



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