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HURRICANE DESTROYER (cyclone destroyer)


When the machine reaches the cyclone area, the fiber balloon is sucked towards the center area of the cyclone because of the centripetal action and since the balloon is oval in shape, its floating capacity on air is more and also more at a lower height over the sea level. During this time, since the balloon slants, the angle set on the Gimballing system switches off the propeller. If the movement of the speed exceeds the limit set by the system, the speed controller switches off the propeller. Because of this, the machine loses its control over the propeller. The machine is pulled towards the center part of the cyclone area that is under the control of the cyclone. At the time machine Twists and Rounds around the Area. Because of this, the machine slants further which makes the second angle of the Gimballing system of the balloon to function which activates the silver oxide spraying system. And open the silver oxide box. Silver oxide which when reacted with water molecules in gaseous from gets nucleated on the silver oxide atom and thereby condensation of water molecules and cause the heavy rainfall. Due to this action the centrifugal effect of this cyclone will be destroyed. So the RPM and strength of moist clouds abruptly decreases due to the rainfall



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