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Bring Comfort through Music

Though I am not an expert on this subject, I believe people need routines and new hope for those who are hurting after any disaster. I am especially concerned with the affects of this disaster on children.

Can churches or the Salvation Army set up outdoor masses to bring some sort of routine to people? There could be inspirational songs to sing and live music to help sooth hurting hearts.

A chorus of the youth could be organized. They could practice singing songs of hope and inspiration on a daily basis. Then they could sing these songs at emergency shelters, among other places.

There is something soothing about the sounds of bells. Perhaps, the Salvation Army could organize talented bell ringers at places like the emergency shelters, as well. Perhaps these bells could be rung with the choruses. This may help cheer up hurting hearts.

There are many quotes about courage, inspiration and HOPE. For example, "Hope never abandons you, you abandon it." Another, "while there's life, there's hope." Can the Salvation Army produce and distribute inspirational quoted shirts for both kids and adults alike? Can some EMTs wear a few of these newly printed shirts that have these quotes on them. Perhaps, these shirts could be made by the youth. A generator could be brought in to do this. And this same generator could help heat that same building these kids are practicing music. Are there other ideas out there to bring comfort to those who are hurting? Or am I missing something?



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