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Automate disaster relief

This link below is how the military can create new housing in record time.


Can these tents be used to house people in the N.E. before the cold temperatures occur?

Can generators, space heaters, canned food, bottled water and coats be airlifted, with the tents, to these areas?

Are there other inventions that the military have to warm and shelter people from the weather elements?

Secondly, can these supplies be packaged within shipping containers using automated warehouses? Amazon uses these types of warehouses. The military could identify assets, like these tents, to be shipped to Sandy's path? Major shipping companies could pick up these items from these military facilities. Then transported to the Amazon automated warehouses that are outside of Sandy's path. Then these warehouses would move these supplies in record time into the shipping containers to be transported to disasters areas. This way each shipping container would contain a few tents, a generator, canned food, bottled water, fuel and coats. These shipping containers would then be trucked as close as possible to the storm damaged areas. These "trucked" containers may include using rail, ports, air and semi; and a combination of these. Then it could be air lifted, by Navy helicopters to where people need them. They could drop these containers in open-air areas, like parks, school grounds or large parking lots. Then volunteers there could unload these supplies from the shipping containers to where it is most needed.



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