Looking Back, Looking Forward—FEMA Think Tank 2.0

FEMA-Provided Deployable Generators for Gasoline

Part 1 of 2. As a Hurricane Katrina and Camille survivor, in Biloxi MS. Could FEMA plan and execute locations to deploy generators to strategic-located gasoline stations. Yes, the state's building electrical codes, from Texas along the coast-line to Maine and next-door neighbor states 250 miles inland, should make new construction and modifications for the building hook up mandatory/inspectable.

However, similar to after Katrina, FEMA-located-moved-staged-and placed the "FEMA-Home" to provide shelter as quickly as possible, since this was a new concept, it wasn't implemented "absolutely-right" so things and people fell through the cracks. Therefore, since people (and politicians) in the Sandy damaged areas have been hit on the forehead with a 2 by 4 and realize the CIVILIAN STRATEGIC importance of WORKING gasoline pumps to begin the flow to recovery.



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