The Whole Community: Planning for the Unthinkable

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Please -- do not help NY & NJ rebuild the homes on the beaches. That would be a waste of time and money. We are destined to be hit with more storms – those areas will be destroyed again, and again, and... in your lifetime. Someone needs to tell the citizens of our country that it is time to change. We need to wake the country up with regard to the realities of the future. We need to put in place actions to minimize the impact of the inevitable continuing climate changes - not continue to try to fix up homes that will be destroyed again.


Sandy was a warning; there are more to come. We have to prepare to minimize the effects of the big storms that will be hitting the coast. The majority of people will now accept that that the coast must be left to nature, and to protect inland. The nation needs to focus on spending the money to protect NYC. We cannot protect hundreds of miles of beach homes. There will be a hue and cry by property owners, but history will remember this administration as the one that finally woke up the nation to the threats of more frequent and more powerful storms. Help the governors pay for the properties that were leveled. That will be cheaper than rebuilding. And it will move the nation in the right direction – thinking long-term and preparing for the future.


I hope that the federal government will begin to take the big painful steps that are needed to minimize the impact of these awful man-made changes.

Hoping for the best,

Recommended reading: The Flooded Earth, by Ward; Eaarth, by McKibben.






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