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The “Whole Community” Disaster Resiliency Prototype

Prototype Summary: Rather than more traditional disaster preparedness classes and exercise programs, The “Whole Community” Disaster Resilient Prototype should be a FEMA funded highly competitive grant requiring a complete set of operational processes and procedures. This will serve as a “how to” guide for aligning all Public Sector agencies and departments with Private Sector organizations (hospitals, group practices, nursing homes, community Service Organizations, NGOs and religious relief agencies) toward a “Whole Community” organic preparedness, response and recovery system.


What will it take for a community to qualify for becoming the FEMA Prototype? An unshakable determination on the part of all Public and Private Sector leaders that the value of living in the candidate community and the health and safety of all residents is worth the considerable time and very hard work involved in becoming the FEMA Prototype Community.


The Deliverables: A complete set of processes and procedures which can be used by jurisdictional Emergency Managers to replicate (to the maximum extent possible), the steps taken by the Prototype Community to integrate the many Private and Public Sector Stakeholders into an organic Emergency Management System. While jurisdictions HVAs uncover different vulnerabilities and thus, Planning Scenarios, the effort and steps involved in bringing all Community Stakeholders together toward a common purpose will be largely the same. Thus, the very hard work along with real lessons learned along the way, may be transferred to communities across America.



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