Emergency Management, Healthcare and Public Health

A plan to reduce gun violence in the US

Major Topics


Keep Situation in Perspective


Reframe Discussion


Public Education


Engage Stakeholders


Move Quickly


Improve School Safety


Reduce Youth Violence


Prevent Suicide


Check Backgrounds + Keep Records


Control Manufacture + Sale


Restrict Ownership Minimally


Raise Price + Increase Cost of Illegal Gun Acquisition


Train 4 Safety


Report loss + theft of firearms


Detect Incidents


Store + Keep Arms Safely


Retrieve weapons from ineligible people


Notice the Link Between Gun + Alcohol Abuse


End Trafficking


Provide Mental Health Services and Screen

Use Medical Services to Enquire about Safety

Assess Threats

Provide for Patient Safety

Counsel about Lethal Means


Repair the Social Safety Net


Tighten Rules for Mandatory Reporters


Restore Community Oriented Policing


Demonstrate Gun Owner and Retailer Responsibility


Get Media Coverage Cooperation


Improve Product Liability Laws

Introduce Consumer Product Regulation and Safety Devices

Use Biometrics to Control Who Can Shoot the Gun

Require Liability Insurance

Divest from Uncooperative Manufacturers

Advertise for Public Health/Use Social Marketing

Recognize the Prevalence of Evil

Tighten Rules on Concealed Carry


Reduce Violence Against Women


Recognize Limits on Privacy Rights


Conduct Research


Reduce Political Contributions


Use a Public Health Emphasis and Approach


Consider Buy-Back Programs


Use Police Enforcement, Security Guards, and Surveillance of Potentially Dangerous People and Groups


Get Ready for New Challenges


For a copy of the detailed plan, send an e-mail to mbrenman001@comcast.net



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