Taking Action: Creating Model Emergency Management Plans for Schools, Institutions of Higher Education and Houses of Worship

EOP Development for Schools

I'm spearheading a project to revise & update our EOP from a boiler-plate model to a NIMS/ICS based All-Hazards model. I found a NIMS based EOP for Schools that is a "training model" produced by FEMA. I used that as a template & are in the process of adjusting it to our District. Overall it looks pretty good, but a number of changes were needed. Within a month or two our school board is expected to vote & approve the basic organizational structure of the EOP. Afterwards the main "operations" section of the EOP will be completed. Our basic idea is to have a "district level" section that contains information & procedures that are common to all schools. A section section is a "building level" manual that contains all information & procedures that are unique to each specific school & facility. As much as possible everything will be in NIMS/ICS format & terms. As much as possible the district & building level sections will be organized the same, so if section "A" contains contact information in the district level section it will also be in the same section in building level section too. Plans for all hazards will be included, as well as a generic all-purpose plan to cover anything not otherwise detailed. An section for special needs students & staff will cover all of their unique requirements. There are plenty of diagrams, floor plans & maps throughout, each detailing important locations of equipment, routes, &locations where staff are positioned for various emergencies or needs (with 4 staff members I can visually monitor every hallway in a 3 story school. Lots more included.



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