Taking Action: Creating Model Emergency Management Plans for Schools, Institutions of Higher Education and Houses of Worship


Social Network Monitoring and Analytics provide law enforcement agencies some powerful new force multipliers in combating violence and crime across the USA. These new tools enable Law Enforcement agencies to monitor, detect, and even predict violent acts before they occur. Research data and actual events show that individuals, or groups of individuals who plan to conduct extreme violence on campus, or in a public venue (Places of Worship, movie theaters, shopping malls, etc.) will often post their intentions as a “social network manifesto” on public social networking sites just prior (8 – 72 hours) to initiating these violent acts or attacks. These criminals also use social network sites to communicate and collaborate when planning these events.

A SMALL WINDOW OF TIME exists where law enforcement agencies can legally monitor, detect

and interdict these violent acts and crimes before they occur. Today, the United States Department of Defense, National Intelligence Agencies, State Police Fusion Centers (Louisiana, Florida,

Pennsylvania and New Jersey) are using these GEOspatial Common Operating Picture technologies to prevent and predict crimes of violence. Systems are configured to monitor only publicly available social network data; not private social network data. By legally monitoring and analyzing big social data, Authorities can be alerted to future violent activities, threats, events, and actions while they are still in the planning stages.



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