Taking Action: Creating Model Emergency Management Plans for Schools, Institutions of Higher Education and Houses of Worship

Including Behavioral Health Needs

A comprehensive Emergency Management Plan for schools, higher university and/or church/faith-based institutions should include resources/approach to manage stress for crisis response professions and community members. Two examples of resources to incorporate into an Emergency Management Plan are: A Guide to Managing Stress in Crisis Response Professions provides a framework for stress management strategies for crisis response workers and managers. These strategies are sufficiently broad so that individuals and groups can select those that best fit their needs and circumstances; Psychological First Aid for First Responders provides tips for Emergency and Disaster Response Workers. These resources and others are available through Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration’s Disaster Training and Technical Assistance Center (SAMHSA DTAC) at http://www.samhsa.gov/dtac . Education about stress and its prevention and mitigation through planning are essential components of Emergency Management planning.



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