Taking Action: Creating Model Emergency Management Plans for Schools, Institutions of Higher Education and Houses of Worship

Emergency Management

I attended the K-12 Multihazard Emergency Planning for Schools program training at FEMA's Emergency Management Institute. It provided an excellent detailed roadmap for collaboration with community stake holders,including emergency responders, health, business and private organizations. Over 10 school districts in our state have attended this week-long training and have found that it ignites involvement and awareness as well as planning and exercising the plans. I provide preparedness training for the Santa Fe, NM public schools which is over 30 K-12 sites. In addition I collaborate with a large number of government and private organizations as well as businesses. The EMI curriculum is an excellent model to anyone looking to create a model emergency management plan for K-12 schools and institutions of higher education. They also offer equally useful training in management and many other related subjects, some of which I have been able to attend. Their focus on best practices,Incident Command System and realistic, hands-on exercises has made our state's school districts become much better prepared to deal with emergencies of all kinds.



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