Taking Action: Creating Model Emergency Management Plans for Schools, Institutions of Higher Education and Houses of Worship

basic plan for house of worship

Leadership should plan the difference between lockdown and evacuation times, and need assistance with this, including two offsite rally spots in different directions. Someone may enter the church with a weapon but no ill intention. Leadership should establish a safety committee, the "chain of command" in event of a problem includes who calls 911 and who does not so as not to overload 911 with bad information, first aid kits and basic sense training are needed (include an AED), class teachers should know where to move the occupants of class in lockdown and in evacuation and should have evac bags, in their classes including 16oz bottles of water and granola or energy bars, simple 1st aid as well as other items. Each class takes attendance and verifies the presence members when evacuated. Local PD & fire should be invited on off times to tour the property for familiarity and PD supervisors should have lists of safety and leadership personnel. known med conditions of regular attendees if important in all situations. If someone enters with a weapon, leadership should be notified if the carrier does not appear to be a threat, the person should be kept under observation or asked by at least 2 leaders to secure the weapon else where (this can be confrontational). Learning to identify a threat is as or more important than any other part of a plan. leaders should practice lockdown and evac on off times to reduce confusion during a real incident. I have planned this before and can expan but not in 80 charac. Please ask if there are questions I can answer or contact via email.



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