Taking Action: Creating Model Emergency Management Plans for Schools, Institutions of Higher Education and Houses of Worship

Emergency Preparedness Advisori

Thank you for the opportunity to comment and bring my 15 years experience working local and nationally with schools, districts and tribes. Arizona Dept of Education and their advisory council just rolled out new ERP templates for our AZ schools, districts, tribes, charter and private schools. Over 400 school, tribes, charter and district employees, emergency management, public health, law enforcement, and fire attended.

The Az Dept of Ed and their council spent 14 months going through the process of researching and developing the final ERP template materials. Resource materials incorporated in the template materials included CPG101, HSEEP, NIMS, Federal Response Plan, FEMA Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools course materials. We even took a team of eight to the FEMA National Training Academy in Emmitsburg, MD made up of four State Agencies and four Tucson Unified School District employees to attend the Emergency Planning for Schools course provided by FEMA. FEMA has excellent new school focused training materials to support our national Homeland Security concepts, while also making it applicable to our schools. Why not build on the FEMA curriculum, and what the federal government already has in place? Let's form a national task force made up of FEMA, Dept. of ED, DOJ, Homeland Security, State Departments of Education, Public Health and Emergency Management, Local Schools and the Districts.

Thank you for your time.


Linda Mason


AZ Department of Ed

Emergency Preparedness Advisor

School Safety and Prevention Unit



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