Taking Action: Creating Model Emergency Management Plans for Schools, Institutions of Higher Education and Houses of Worship

K-12 Emergency Response Plans

K-12 emergency response plans need to be consistent with DHS/FEMA protocol, including NIMS, CPG 101, Multi-Hazard Preparedness Course for Schools, and HSEEP. This allows for the best possible coordination wtih first responders, local emergency management, and local public health agencies. Further, they need to include prevention strategies that are appropriate for schools and evidence-based. Arizona has recently developed a prototype ERP template that is based on all the above documents and with special emphasis on school needs. The template was developed utlizing an advisory council comprised of the disciplines mentioned above. In addition, any guidance for schools needs to be sent through the state education agencies so that it can be prefaced with specific state requirements prior to reaching schools. This would help to decrease confusion and increase compliance.



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