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Identification of approved workers in a disaster

As I watched the terror unfold in Boston I was alarmed that the workers were just wearing simple yellow vests that can be bought at Walmart and the ID tags were on a variety of lariats with the photo ID facing the owners body rather than the public.Lariats can be bought anywhere and any ID added. I believe that a specific vest in a color, fabric and design should be provided and available after passing a background check and/OR a firefighter, nurse, Medic or MD status should be provided in order to prevent terrorists from infiltrating the site and causing even more casualties or removing paraphernalia that was used to cause the event. Any users who do not meet the above criteria and are found on site should be fined such as those impersonating a police officer. Realizing that this complicates things and even may prevent some persons from stepping in to help, there should be clauses in place for "other" parties to remove the injured from the scene that can avoid prosecution. Carrying an ID card or attaching information to a drivers license can be part of this procedure.

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