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Consolidation Of Resources

As a responder to several incidents of national significance with FEMA, USFS and DMAT (Department of Health and Human Services), one common trait I have observed is the duplication of efforts and the lack of experience for some responders (IE No task book initiation for command and general staff position for NDMS responders).


Between FEMA, USFS and NDMS, each have their own overhead teams, spend money on said teams but don't play well together and or adopt similar operating guidelines. This exacerbates the response expense, increases the delay in resource and supply ordering.


It would be beneficial if we had one set of management teams, credentialed (reduce expense and streamline response) and limit the confusion for responders by providing the position training, thereby giving experience to inexperienced responders. Follow the example of the USFS and the trainee system. Their system works... FEMA and other federal agencies should partner together instead of re-inventing the wheel.



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