NIMS Review and Update

Enhancing the Value of NIMS in 2013

As preparedness and homeland security grants and related funding likely diminish in the near future due to the current fiscal challenges and evolving priorities, the updating and enhancing of NIMS becomes even more important at this time. The challenge is to maintain and increase the value and appreciation of NIMS throughout the nation without financial incentives as the primary driver for adoption and compliance. Although it may be a rather cynical view, financial incentives have likely played more of an influencing role for NIMS adoption rather than the simple appreciation of the commonality of the incident command system for NIMS adoption, compliance and implementation. An analysis of the increase in compliance rates does appear to be correlated to guidance, mandates and requirements for grant access and distribution.


Since future preparedness and homeland security funding may not be as easily obtained during the life cycle of the next version of NIMS, we must incorporate an expanded and enhanced value of NIMS into the document to maintain and augment the appreciation of its importance for all hazards and the value of its adoption for the whole of community. Frankly, the next version needs to sell it even more beyond the converted. How do we do it?



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