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Rural Healthcare Disparity in America

For decades our Group has confronted this critical issue in Florida and it is well known in all Rural Communities throughout our Nation. Craig Fugate is well aware of the instance of 4 Hurricanes cris-crossing the section of Polk County Florida in one short period. The community was ill prepared to handle such. The same is true on a daily basis for ordinary Healthcare access and delivery in our Rural Communities. There is no "Golden Hour" for heart attack or stroke victims in our Rural Communities.

Elder Care Advocacy of Florida is working with 2 Global Pharmaceutical firms to address this issue.

This falls under the National Framework under the provisions of Presidential Policy Directive 8 and could benefit our Nation in this effort.

Does FEMA have any interest in such? If not we shall continue to work with our Pharmaceutical organizations in the development in solutions for this critical need in our Nation today. We have been effective on a smaller scale in a local Florida area and have proven viability for such. While we would welcome Federal participation and collaboration we do not wish to become involved in a process that will delay implementation of the vital need for action.

Please advise.



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