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Create smart "intranet" systems for neighbors.

Cities ought to promote and install new "intranet" social media that will connect immediate neighbors? This "intranet" system would include basic home security, as well. City leaders would suggest 6-9 families on a block to pool their resources to purchase and schedule items that would make life a whole lot easier. There could be items like self-enclosed, driverless golf carts so neighbors take turns to buy groceries or go to the doctor's office. With all the aging baby boomers that should not drive by 2020, this new vehicle would come in handy. As for disasters, cities would encourage one person per block to help purchase emergency supplies and even a generator for the rest of the block. Neighbors would check out large generators, ATVs with attached snow blades and pre-stock on emergency supplies. With storms becoming much more powerful, these things like sharing ATVs with attached snow blades would be more useful. As part of this "intranet" system, people would be offered basic home security system. This would include web cams placed in smart areas around a home. If lets say there was a home broken into, then the new web cams on peoples front yards for the whole block could be used to find where these people went. In addition, if a problem street is identify as being a gang problem, for instance. Certain streets could be made one way, that street completely closed, place numerous stop signs on a street or finally install "smart" traffic lights. If lets say a home is broken into, this "intranet" system of home security will cause the traffic lights nearby to stay as red



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