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Terrorist prevention proposal

I am a senior at Thomas Dale High School in Chester, Virginia. I am currently in training as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for Chesterfield County Fire and Emergency Medical Services. Additionally, I am a certified healthcare provider, who has completed the skills for basic life support. When I enter college next fall, I wish to study in the healthcare field to work with disaster response teams in deliberate and crisis planning incidents.


The following is a list of pilot access security system enhancements to prevent terrorist takeover, as well as limited controls by flight attendants. These systems are for two prime entry areas of the cockpit door handle and the steering devices for airplane flight operations. These ideas will allow pilots with proper identification to access only certain flight and safety secure equipment.


These ideas include:


• Bio-metrics for hand and finger prints to match a universal pilot database.

• Pulse or heart beat detections, in case the hand has been severed from a pilot or flight attendant.

• Instant breath analysis for alcohol detection for pilots to access the cockpit.

• Voice recognition for pilots to access the cockpit.

• A special locking mechanism for the cockpit door to be engaged from the rear of the plane.

• Confirmation codes entered by the pilots to check and agree to any special locking mechanisms that may be initiated from the rear of the plane.

• Automatic signal notification when the locking mechanism is engaged to be sent to all security personnel.



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