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The sun is a fire ball which has no regular shape or size of its own. The inner part of the sun has water in it. When the water in it gets evaporated due to the pressure difference there is an explosion in the sun causing a supernova and many other new planets. The supernova has water droplets and many other stones. During the earth’s explosion from the sun the earth possess water and all its contents within it. When the supernova receives this earth inside it the earth gets rotated and it collides with the particles in the supernova and turned round to its shape. It is getting a shape of a ball which is rotating on the waterbed. During this time the hills and valleys and sediment rocks and great rivers were originated. The water in the earth runs towards the valleys and the ocean is originated. Thus the earth has its regular shape and rotates normal. The different layers in the earth is appeared due to the fast movement of water flows towards the ocean. Hence the height and dip in the water level. Due to the reason we find some parts fishes and fossils in the sea sides.

Since the earth crossed the supernova the top layer of the earth alone gets condensed. The inner part of the earth still gets the temperature of the sun as it was than within the sun. The core of the earth still has the same temperature as it was then with the sun. The core of the earth attracts (pull) the top layer of the earth towards it which is already cooled. This is the reason for the pull of the earth .That is the earth




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