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Send First Responders to Syria

Regarding Syria, if we're going to bomb and there's nothing we can do about it, the least we could do is have some emergency personnel on the ground who can ensure that any civilian casualties get proper medical treatment. Because there are going to be civilian casualties. Also, it would eliminate the possibility of the planes flying over and bombing the emergency response personnel, because they do that sometimes, and they shouldn't. They wouldn't, if they knew that some of the responders were Americans. And it will help alleviate the backlash that will occur when we make a mistake, and bomb a school or something.


Of course, the best thing would be if, instead of bombing Syria, we just sent doctors and emergency personnel. And news cameras. And people with blankets, and food, and medicines. FLOOD them with aid. That would A. Ensure we have witnesses in case of any other usage of chemical weapons, hopefully deterring further usage, and B. Eliminate the possibility of civilian casualties that will occur with an airstrike. Oh, and Syria would have no reason to go to war against us, or against Israel. They would have no reason to hate us. Some of the people we send would be killed in the civil war, yes, but we could send a lot of military doctors and emergency personnel; some of them would die anyway if we bombed, because some planes will be shot down when they fly over. Not that that's a good thing, but wouldn't it be better if they died giving hope, instead of bombing?



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