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Deploy therapy and watch dogs internationally

There needs to be new ways to keep better security of our foreign interests around the world. We need new ways to comfort hurting hearts, affected by war. There ought to be a new push for the training and use of both therapy and watch dogs in the international settings. There ought to be new considerations of using more than one layer of walls and check points, as well.

There are thousands of displaced families caused by the conflict in Syria. They are ending up at refugee camps outside of Syria. Many of them are kids. It is known therapy dogs can bring comfort for those hurting hearts. If they were to deploy these therapy dogs to refugee camps, these pets would help the children cope better with the affects of war.

Watch dogs should be part of the foreign security formula to keep things safe. They ought to have, let us say at least a second or even a third tiered wall with a checkpoint to the already one wall, as well. Organizers, such as the U.N. would deploy both therapy and watchdogs to these additional walls' check points. These additional walls (one or more tiered check points) would be placed around our embassies, between war wary areas and that of refugee camps, and outside of big cities like that of Cairo (though it would be the government of Egypt to implement), to prevent unwanted things and people from entering these places. To prevent corruption and distrust, each nation would control each tiered gate. They ought to incorporate these therapy and watchdogs to the additional (layered) checkpoints. They ought to deploy these dogs to refugee camps, as well.



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