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Check and Balance on $ will help disaster relief.

I have a free eBook supported by a change.org petition to check and balance money. One of the many national security reasons I cite for doing this is lapse of disaster relief in emergencies. It can be easily argued that leaving such efforts in the hands of organizations such as the Red Cross is ineffective when people need it most.


While people struggle with money; they are not thinking about being prepared for life threatening events such as natural disaster or war. They are fighting the here and now of needs. The way I suggest applying this check and balance is through a non-combative branch of the military I call the Human Expedition which would be able to utilize pre-existing resources to reduce our national debt and ultimately at one point, replace Social Security for roughly 1/3 of what we currently spend on it.


This plan is designed to help people up once they bottom out from life's many monetary needs. While people are at the mercy of monetary leverage; they are willing to do unnatural and ruthless deeds to make ends meet. It will change debt from being a way of life to surplus. People in turn will find faith in a system that empowers them in ways they thought the American Dream always would.


A democracy is only as strong as it's people. I do not want to know how strong we are when we are not as strong as we can be.


We can only help each other if we are in positions to help one another. Thank you for reading.


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www.tinyurl.com/human-expedition Shortened link to change.org petition





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