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Active Shooter Training for Fire EMS Personnel

Our public safety department has done quite a bit of research regarding active shooter incidents, and we are currently evaluating different response models to find options that would best fit our needs. That said, several of our personnel that have attended training at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) were curious if they would be offering or considering to offer any sort of active shooter training for Fire and EMS personnel. Specifically, training that introduces Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines along with force protection (Rescue Task Force model used by Arlington County, Virginia for example). The CDP has done an outstanding job providing unique and diverse training options such as response to incidents involving weapons of mass destruction that are not available anywhere else. I spoke to their office in an attempt to see if they were considering developing any training programs of this type, and the response that I got was "as badly as this training is needed throughout the states we are at the present not considering developing any programs of this type, sorry".


The CDP would be a great unified facility to offer this training. The current training needs to be updated to fit the needs and/or threats that our responders are met with on a regular basis. We would like to see FEMA develop courses regarding active shooter situations and offer them in the near future.



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